Wednesday, April 09, 2008

questions for you, my readers

As many of you know, I'm helping to set up a new newsletter at Sloan-Kettering that will focus on cancer survivors and their personal stories. In addition to having submitted an essay for the inaugural issue, I'm also working on another section which will simply ask a question and list the responses of a few survivors. So, I need your help. Any responses are most welcomed! The questions are:

  1. While during and/or after treatment, did you incorporate a complimentary approach by doing exercises, such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, or reiki, and if so, why? Were they helpful?
  2. Did you embrace any particular quote, motto, or verse for strength during treatment?

If you wish, I can list your name or your answer can be anonymous. Just let me know in your response.

Thank you.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Hi Duane - I can't help with your questions, but I suspect lots of others will be able to helpl......could you also post your questions on the Lymphoma forum?

However, I did want to say I read your feature on was a good read!


3:48 AM  
Comment Blogger HAPPY IN NEVADA said...

Hi - just found you because we enjoy some of the same books and interests.

My mother was given the 'all clear' on 1/20/08; there are a number of things that all of us 5 children did to 'spur' her confidence.

I decided since she's doing so well, that I'd create a 'blog' for her - something that she can look at that reminds her WHY she wants to STAY WELL.

I thought about my own trials with cancer; beat every one of them 3 times, and what I did to do that.

I didn't want the 'blog' to be about me; I'm just fine. I wanted mother to have that 'fight' - that desire; even if just to go to my sister's house, and gaze at the blog; see her memories - see some of the things that she's said, that have given strength to us.

There are many written quotes; words,etc., that have given me great strength, but never so effective as the words that come from my own loved ones.

Sometimes the words are simple - a certain sentence 'strikes', and it sticks because WHO the person was that said it, and WHAT that person means to me.

As to mom's health, I had her follow the diets I set up for myself, when I had my first bout with cancer in 1975 - 33 years ago.

Food is so important; getting rid of all spices; meats - and only eating RAW is what I did.

Lots of vegetables; fruit - tons of water and juices, walking as a regular exercise when you can, and yoga (simple positions) + beautiful music.

Being out in nature as much as possible; if that's not easy, art galleries - see the BEAUTY of 'life' - color; brightness - the 'sun'....

If you want to check my mother's blog I started it's:

I shall be thinking about you - I'm glad you're using your experience as a 'positive' to help others; that's what we're supposed to do, I think.


11:57 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Veronica and Diane! :)

5:52 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

my complimentary approach is definately walking. not only to help the physical but mental. just need to get up and out of the house stop mulling over crap.

recently i think my motto is "keep moving forward" fromt the Meet the Robinsons movie. i guess only people with kids might be aware of it but it definately works for me and the little z's.

best of luck with your newsletter.

heather z.

11:17 PM  

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