Tuesday, April 01, 2008

driving for donors 2008 tour

Inspired by Pat Pedraja's remarkable story, I tried to do my little part to help spread the word when I first heard about him several months ago.

Well, just recently I received an e-mail from him and his mother asking that I share with others their ambitious 2008 program that will begin in May. Driving for Donors was a huge success in 2007. Working with The National Marrow Donor Program, The Marrow Foundation, law enforcement departments, local donor centers and businesses and the media, they were able to host successful donor drives in over 30 major US cities. In 2007, Driving For Donors was able to add over 6,500 donors to the National Marrow Registry! Remember, he's a 12-year old leukemia survivor. Impressive, isn't it?

Since it was such a success last year, an international tour in addition to a domestic tour is planned for this year which will help to raise even greater awareness and further increase the pool of potential unrelated donors for those who are suffering from blood cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia. As a recipient of an unrelated donor stem cell transplant, I know personally how important is this issue.

Below is the exact message from Pat and his mother, Claudine. Please spread the word!



Click here to watch video campaign with PAT and Donate online.

There was an overwhelming response from people in need who saw Pat on the CNN HEROES show, so he is launching DRIVING FOR DONORS 2008 without much time to plan and fundraise. Beginning in May, DRIVING FOR DONORS plans to travel to 20 cities around the U.S. and hold marrow drives. Pat has also been asked by individuals in other countries, such as South Africa, Australia, Japan and South America, to travel to those locations to help them promote awareness about the critical need for marrow donors internationally.

In order to pay the drive expenses and tissue typing fees to add these donors to the Marrow Registries, Patrick must raise over $200,000 with not much time! We have several different sponsorship opportunities available and would love you and your company to join us in this important effort. Please email me at any time to discuss sponsorship opportunities or request partnership packets.

Thank you so much for your continued support!! We really need everyone’s help to succeed this time and look forward to your continued support! We have added a Paypal link on our website for ease of donating. Remember! It is fully tax deductible!

DONATE ONLINE AT www.drivingfordonors.com

All our best,
Pat Pedraja and Claudine Andrews


Comment Blogger Michelle J said...

Wow Duane, i wondered what Pat has been up to! He's an amazing kid and gives me hope that someday maybe we can kick cancers butt and make it disappear! Let's strive for that OK? Let's make cancer our bitch!!! GO PAT!!
Thanks for sharing this!

7:14 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

My pleasure, Michelle. Yeah, he's an amazing kid!!!!!

4:29 PM  

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