Monday, April 21, 2008

my lucky 8

Today, day +244, marks eight months since my allo transplant. In many ways I can't believe that I've made it this far already. It's amazing to contemplate really. Since I've been outside more frequently with the arrival of spring, people have been asking me how I feel and my response is simple: "I can't complain." Because I can't. I can't complain really. I know many others in similar positions who haven't faired as well so far. So, I can't complain. Thanks to my anonymous donor, there's a lot to be thankful for.

Though I am far from being in "the clear," my recovery has been as best as one could have hoped. There has been no evidence of GVHD and despite the intermittent appearance of viruses - the Adenovirus and EBV - things have gone exceptionally well. I didn't get even sick at all this past winter, which is remarkable when I think about it a bit. As I continue to taper my Tacrolimus dosage, however, it's very possible that this remarkable recovery of mine may begin to face some new challenges but such thought is speculative at this point.

The opening reception of the Patient Art Exhibition at Sloan-Kettering is one week from today. Six of my photographs will be showcased at the show. Last week, I called Nancy, one of my night nurses during transplantation, and informed her about the exhibition. This morning I stopped by the Nurse Station on the Transplant Ward there where I caught up with a couple of my day nurses, such as Pam, who were very pleased to see me doing so well after so many months. Nancy and others had told me that unless the patients themselves inform them of their progress, they don't know how they're doing. So, I was glad that I had stopped by and I thanked them once again for all their remarkable work. I told them too about the show in the hope that that would stop by at some point.


Comment Blogger Heather said...

I'm so glad that you are doing well!

How neat about your photographs!

I'm getting a new camera any day and I can't wait!

6:37 PM  
Comment Blogger Jim Anderson said...

Duane, happy 8 month anniversary! So glad you beat back the viruses. I hope going off Tacro for you will not result in increased risk of gvh. I would think the docs would leave you on if there were still risk. I'm on 4Mg/day, dropping another Mg next week prolly.
Jim Anderson

8:04 PM  

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