Monday, April 07, 2008

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Al Gore has pumped mega bucks into his ambitious campaign to galvanize interest and more importantly support amongst the public to the dangers of our global climate crisis. It is too early to know how well his campaign will play out in the end, but as reported in Rasmussen Reports has what I found to be a very interesting analysis of at least how Gore's first television ad was received in one study. Notice what happens to the Republican line in the second video. Worrisome.

A Shift in the Debate Over Global Warming

Could There Be an Obama-Bloomberg Ticket?

The Shape of the Race to Come

Wake Up Democrats: You are Hung Up on Barack, But Hillary is What You Need.

Survey: "19% Say USA on Right Track." Who ARE These People?

Congestion Pricing Plan Dies in Albany

The Last Wish of Martin Luther King


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