Sunday, April 13, 2008

cancer news

Perhaps you've heard already about the tragic death of 15-year old Alex Koehne, whose organs were donated to recipients not knowing that he had in fact died of anaplastic T-cell lymphoma not bacterial meningitis as had been thought. As a result, all of the organ recipients were diagnosed with cancer, two of whom died but thankfully, the others found the disease in time that they were able to receive the appropriate chemotherapy treatment. What a sad, tragic story. . . . If you hadn't heard about this, please click the first two links to learn more about the effects of this horrible misdiagnosis.

Organ Donation Gone Wrong

Man Who Got Diseased Organ Transplant Thanks Donors

Racial Differences Seen in Hodgkin's Disease

Are Minorities Benefiting From Prevention Priority?

When Ordinary Becomes the Ideal is a refreshing read after all this depressing cancer news.


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