Sunday, March 09, 2008

heart & lung watch

In the spring 2008 issue of Heal, the sister magazine of CURE, I read what I found to be a helpful, informative article titled Heart & Lung Watch by Debra Wood, RN. It examines the long-term cardiac and pulmonary risks that some cancer survivors may face in the future. Since breast cancer and lymphoma survivors are some of those who are at risk for developing some of the cardiac and pulmonary problems described, some focus is given to them in this article.

The two other articles in this issue that I found interesting are Prevention in America and Shouldering Medical Debt (which is the only article that can be read in full online).


Comment Blogger EbzOne said...

Read that article and while I was warned about the potential long term side effects of ABVD my heart and lungs checked out fine before treatment (I was born with a heart murmur but supposedly checked out ok...)I am a little anxious about what to "look forward" to since treatment and how far down the road I should be looking. The bone pain and the joints clicking and sometimes the feeling of being winded makes me wonder if anything else is going on. Then this article points me to possible heart related issues survivors overlook...I was told by my Onc that I wasn't getting so much of the ABVD that I should be overly concerned but he didn't say to NOT be concerned.

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