Wednesday, March 26, 2008

day +218

I made a mistake when earlier I said that I had a bout with EBV. It was the Adenovirus not EBV which I was treated for during the first weeks after my transplant, but it is true that back then at one point a blood test did come back positive for EBV. It, however, proved to be an anomaly because the subsequent tests were negative. It seems to be an anomaly once again. Yesterday afternoon, Alli told me that Monday's CBC came back negative for EBV. They want me to return to the clinic on Monday for a follow-up blood test.

Yesterday evening, I was in Highbridge Park on a shoot with three other Flickr buddies (whom I hadn't met before) doing long exposure photographs of the web of traffic around the Washington Bridge, which links Manhattan and the Bronx.

It was my first time in Highbridge Park at night. I realize some of the photographic mistakes I made. For example, I should have used a telephoto lens to capture better detail of the traffic streaks. Well, that's how one learns, right? By experimenting.


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