Monday, March 03, 2008

day +195

Su was over Thursday and Friday during which time we watched American Gangster and Goodfellas. I guess you could call it a mobster themed sleepover. Nevertheless, I thought they were both terrific films.

I missed American Gangster when it was in the theaters and I had never seen the classic film, Goodfellas, in its entirety.

Yesterday was spent outside mostly. Though brisk and cold, the sunny sky was almost free of any clouds which made it a terrific day to go out to photograph. I had received the standard MOFTB still photography permit on Friday in the hope that I'd spend yesterday morning photographing the Willis Avenue Bridge's architectural details from the pedestrian walkway. However, I wasn't surprised really when I arrived at the Manhattan bound entrance to the south pedestrian walkway to find its entrance closed, because just a couple of days earlier as I was traveling across the bridge in a cab I had noticed that construction workers had placed long pipes on that very walkway as they continue the renovation work on the bridge. When I saw the pipes there, I worried that access to the pedestrian walkway might have have been closed but if it was still open, I thought that I should go this weekend because who knows how soon before access will be prohibited for good. So, on Sunday morning when I was greeted by the sign informing pedestrians that the walkway was closed I wasn't surprised really just a bit disappointed. I do, however, have a number of photographs from past visits to the walkway. I'll just have to do with what I have.

From the Willis Avenue Bridge, I walked to the nearby impressive red-brick Clock Tower Building which is located at the intersection of Bruckner Blvd and Lincoln Avenue in the Bronx, where I spent several minutes photographing the building's beautiful Clock Tower before returning home to watch both Meet the Press and The McLaughlin Group and then, have lunch before heading out again.

This time I took a cab across the Harlem River to 171st Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, where the High Bridge Water Tower is located. Usually once a month, the NYC Parks Department opens this historic tower to the public but this was the first time (because of the winter, I think) that it had been opened since November, so I was keen to be there. About 6-8 stories up inside the tower, one has impressive views of Manhattan's Washington Heights and the George Washington Bridge to the west, the Harlem River and its bridges to the north, and the city's oldest bridge, the High Bridge, and the Bronx to the east. The view from atop the Water Tower is an impressive one in mid afternoon sunlight, but I wish the Parks Department would also open it at dusk. I think the view at dusk would be even more beautiful.

My last stop before returning home was Yankee Stadium, where I photographed it as well as its successor across the street. The construction of the new stadium is progressing well. Before I last photographed it about 2 weeks ago, I hadn't done so in many weeks so I missed documenting some of the earlier construction work but there's still a substantial amount that has yet to be done so there's plenty left to photograph. It's just a good reminder that I need to set some time aside for photographing the new stadium, because in due time it will be complete and I will have missed this very exciting stage of its history. In many ways, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

While I'm on the topic of photography, I should also mention that a few days ago I received further details about Sloan-Kettering's Annual Patient Art Show in the mail. The 55th Annual Patient Art Show will take place from April 28th to May 1st. Entries will be accepted beginning on March 10th and end on April 18th. Since receiving this information, I've been looking through my work for what I think may be the ones that I'd like to showcase. In addition to finding the photographs that I will decide to use, I will need to edit and frame them.

I don't think I've participated in an art show since I was a child, so for me this is quite novel. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a long day. I have an appointment with Dr. Levine in the morning and then, Clare and I plan to see a movie followed by a small birthday get together with "the ladies." Then, my mom and I plan to attend Frequently Asked Questions in Lymphoma: Answers from the Experts in midtown Manhattan from 6-9 PM before returning home to watch the results of what has been dubbed Super Tuesday Part II, Junior Super Tuesday, and/or Super Tuesday the Sequel. Take your pick. I just know I'm going to be up late engrossed in all the primary coverage into the early hours of Wednesday morning. That's how I plan to spend my 28th birthday.


Comment Blogger Michelle J said...

March 4th...Prizefighers birthday!!! Here's wishing you a great amazing birthday my friend! Enjoy the day OK?

7:48 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Michelle. :)

8:51 PM  
Comment Blogger david said...

Duane my man, hope all is going well with you and the fam. I just wanted to wish you a great 28th Birthday, man you are getting old! We'll do lunch soon and talk politics. Speak soon pal and stay safe.

12:28 AM  
Comment Blogger Veronica said...

HAPPY's to an amazing year of fulfilling dreams and reaching goals - you're an amazing man for only 28 years!!

One of your biggest fans......xx

4:49 PM  
Comment Blogger laulausmamma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Duane...hope you had a terrific day...wishing you a wonderfully happy and healthy year ahead. ((HUGS))

Susan (laulausmamma)

10:26 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful, thoughtful comments on my birthday. You guys rock!!!

5:51 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!! :D

I turn 25 this year. I'm so excited, I can't wait.

-Sarah formerly up the street

6:22 PM  

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