Thursday, February 28, 2008

the power of words for cancer patients

The Power of Words for Cancer Patients is a great NYT article that Laura shared with me. I also recommend reading the readers' comments which are powerful, heart-felt and revealing.

The following comment which was posted by "Alex" I found to be most moving.

My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer 4 yrs ago. He lived 9 months before the illness claimed him. He was so private and didn’t talk about his emotions very much. But how I wish he had kept a journal during those days, especially when his treatments were working and he felt good. What a gift it would’ve been to have his thoughts and emotions live on in that way, even the painful ones. They were a part of him just as irreplaceable as any other. I still have my memories though, which are of course the most precious gift he gave me.


Comment Blogger Jon said...

Just a little shout out to say that I am still a loyal reader and would love to blog more often myself.

I am glad to hear you are coming along. How long do you expect to stay on the Anti-Virals, etc? Do they have a time where they think that your numbers indicate that you are "good to go"?

9:22 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Jon,

I'm not sure how long I'll continue to be on the anti-virals. I'm guessing that perhaps when the flu season passes some of the restrictions will be lifted. But I may get some indication of where things are headed when I receive the results of my recent bone marrow biopsy at my next appointment.

Thanks for commenting!

11:31 AM  

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