Tuesday, February 19, 2008

day +182

Earlier this afternoon, for the first time in several days I rode my stationary bicycle for the usual 40 minutes covering 9 miles. I felt good. Most importantly, I didn't experience any breathing problems. It seems like whatever is accounting for the slight heaviness in my upper chest is controlled and perhaps improving.

After completing the usual cool-down stretches, I for the first time in long time (probably since beginning the GND (GVD)/SGN-30 antibody clinical trial in Chicago almost a year ago) attempted to do a couple of push ups. After the Hickman catheter was inserted in my chest in preparation for the clinical trial, I stopped my strength training exercises though I continued to do cardio workouts. I was told to use caution because upper body strength training exercises, such as bicep curls or standing barbell press, might cause problems with the Hickman line. Consequently, I figured why bother. So I then decided to just concentrate on my cardiovascular health at the gym, which I managed to do pretty well despite a few intermittent breaks due to low blood counts or disinterest caused by the ill-effects of the treatment.

So after nearly a year since I last did any push ups, it should be of little surprise, I suppose, that I had a challenging time today. I attempted just ten push ups and boy, were they harder to do than I remembered. It was a stark reminder of how my upper body has weakened during the past year.

I'm excited to watch this evening's primary election coverage but before that I really need to spend time dusting my room. I've been a bit lazy in that department recently.

Oh and yes, don't forget to watch tomorrow's total lunar eclipse! It should be fascinating. Read more here.


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Push ups! Congratulations. I've always hated push ups, but I guess some things you can only appreciate when you can't do them. Maybe yoga is next??

11:09 AM  

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