Monday, February 18, 2008

day +181

Since my photography shoot on Saturday evening, I've felt a slight but irregular heaviness in my upper chest. I haven't experienced any coughing, runny nose, or sneezing. Moreover, I haven't had any difficulty breathing. Saturday evening turned out to be quite cold and I made the stupid mistake of not wearing enough layers of clothing.

With some wrathful strains of the flu making headlines in the news coupled with the potential life-threatening risks posed by both pneumonia and bronchitis to transplant patients, I thought it wise to let Alli know what's up. I know too many transplant survivors who succumbed not because of cancer, but because of a respiratory illness. So, I called Alli, Dr. Castro-Malaspina's wonderful nurse, this morning and explained to her what happened. From my description, she doesn't think it's anything. She went on to tell me to get rest and stay well-hydrated. If, however, the problem gets worse, I was advised to let them know.

This is a potent reminder that on cold days especially I must use caution when I'm out.

And BTW, as the template for this blog is still uncompleted, the comments icon may not be apparent to everyone. Click the overlapping green and yellow circles if you wish to leave a comment. I'm hoping to have this fixed soon.


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