Friday, February 15, 2008

day +178

At 9 AM this morning, I was at Sloan-Kettering where I had a follow-up appointment with one of its dentists, Dr. Elizabeth Evitmovsva. With the six month anniversary since my transplant approaching, I figured it would be good for my teeth to be checked and Dr. Castro-Malaspina had approved today's visit at our last appointment.

Dr. Evitmovsva examined my mouth and informed me that the silver filling is cracked in the second to last tooth on the upper left side of my mouth. Otherwise, everything looks good she told me. Though the call for the repair of the cracked filling isn't immediate, she cautioned me to not go longer than a couple of weeks. I could have my own family dentist do the job, she went on to say, or she or one of the other dentists at Sloan could do it. I plan to call my family dentist tomorrow in order to schedule an appointment, but before I go ahead with it I'll check with Dr. Castro-Malaspina.

Following the dental appointment which concluded sooner than I had expected, I went to my usual stomping ground - the Fourth Floor, Suite 6 - where I was scheduled to received my monthly treatment of Aerosolized Pentamidine. I promised to show you what it looks like. Well, here it is.

You may notice that my hair has become a bit unruly. I could benefit from both a haircut and a shave, but I've been slow to act. Part of the reason is laziness. But the other reason is that I find the texture of my post-transplant hair to be so cool, because it's so different from what I'm used to which I guess is why I've been reluctant to cut it so far out of concern that my hair may return to its pre-transplant self. Jokingly, my sister tells me that my hair resembles in texture that of an Dominican or Indian.

Afterwards, Clare and I met up and we saw the film, Atonement. I haven't seen any of the recent big films and Atonement was one of them that I was curious to check out. Admittedly, I can be a sucker for epic love stories.

I thought it was pretty good, but the ending was so sad. Oh man. What a tear jerker! Not only was the ending unexpected, it just felt so wrong . . . so tragic. Where was the justice?

My viewing of Atonement was made even more significant by the fact that today marked my first time in which I watched a film in a movie theater. We went to a matinee for just $6.00 each (a rarity in Manhattan) and thankfully, there were perhaps no more than ten people watching the film so I felt at ease.

I ended the late afternoon on the pedestrian walkway taking more photos of the streaking traffic trails on the Harlem River Drive.

Finally, on a last bit of medical news, the weeks-old rashes on my shoulders and upper arms, which had been fine, became quite itchy again today. In addition to that, a significant number of small prominent bumps appeared on my left pectoral. Trying to alleviate the irritating itching and the dryness, I've been applying Eucerin and Lubriderm lotion in addition to Triamcinolone Acetonide cream.


Comment Blogger Tom (dB) said...

not sure why I haven't mentioned this before, but you should put Aloe Vera on your skin irritation. It's the most incredible plant. I've been putting it on my scars and any other skin irritations I had and it really soothes them.

4:22 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

I haven't used Aloe Vera. That's a great suggestion. Thanks, Tom. I hope you continuing to kick butt. Sorry that I haven't checked your blog for awhile.

8:03 PM  
Comment Blogger Kevin said...

Glad you like the new hair, Duane. (It looks good) It's nice that a stem cell transplant comes with a surprise hairdo. I wonder what I'll get

4:44 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...


I loved Atonement. Loved it.

I cried more than once during the movie (in the theater, how embarrassing) but it was that good.

I tend to love Focus Features films, anyway.

~Sarah formerly up the street

5:57 PM  

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