Tuesday, February 26, 2008

celebrating a second chance of life

"Celebrating a Second Chance at Life" is a Transplant Survivorship Symposium sponsored by BMT InfoNet and the National Marrow Donor Program will take place in Dallas, Texas from September 20-21st.

This two-day seminar will feature leading experts on issues faced by adult and pediatric transplant survivors including: how to monitor and protect your health long-term; managing emotional and psychological challenges post-transplant; coping with fatigue; chronic graft-versus-host disease; learning and memory problems post-transplant; managing caregiver concerns; unique issues faced by young adult transplant survivors; growth and developmental challenges of pediatric survivors; insurance and employment concerns; sexuality and fertility post-transplant.

The symposium will include presentations, workshops and networking opportunities for survivors, their caregivers and other family members. E-mail jo@bmtinfonet.org if you would like to be contacted when registration opens.


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