Tuesday, January 08, 2008

day +140

On Sunday afternoon, I walked across the Madison Avenue Bridge into Harlem to check out Harlem River Park which I found existed only this weekend. Located between 135th and 139th Streets, the park's first phase was completed in 2002 and construction is under way for the park to be expanded northward up from 139th to 145th Streets by the spring. One of my problems before finding this park was trying to find locations along the Harlem River where I could get pretty good shots of the Madison Avenue and Park Avenue Bridges but now that I've found this park which is right on the Manhattan waterfront, my problem is practically solved. I still have a problem obtaining shots of the Third Avenue Bridge from either side of the River, but my NYCDOT contact is working on that.

After visiting Harlem River Park, I returned home and enjoyed watching the rest of the Giants' victory against the Buccaneers.

Yesterday I went down to Sloan for my check-up with Dr. Castro-Malaspina, who had recovered from the flu recently. Everything continues to look very good at this point. My counts were superb: WBC - 4.4; HGB - 14.8; platelets - 249. With regards to the rash, pityriasis rosea, it's nothing serious. He said I may have had some kind of infection that caused this rash, but it should clear up in a couple of weeks. Dr. Castro-Malaspina continued to taper down my Sirolimus dosage. It was bumped down to .35mL from .4mL. In two weeks, I was told to reduce the dosage even further to .3mL.

I'm not scheduled to see him again until Monday, February 4th at which time I'll have a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration done. However, in the interim I must return to Sloan for the aerosolized pentamidine next Monday and then, again on the 28th for IVIG.

Following yesterday's appointment, I went up to the Transplant Ward on the 8th floor, my home for about three and a half weeks. There I saw and chatted with some of the nurses and staff, who were so amazing to me during my time there. It was really nice. I will make an effort to go back regularly.


Comment Blogger One Mother with Cancer said...

congratulations on the good blood counts. Good Luck...

3:30 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Many thanks!

6:35 PM  
Comment Anonymous jim anderson said...

Good progress Duane.
I always check your blog when i turn on my laptop in my hosp room, actually even back a few months where you were d+30 or so.
yesterday i received my stem cells and i thought of you and how well you are doing. i've only started this prizefight but i have a whole new appreciation for what you've been through. this is your second sct!

9:38 PM  
Comment Anonymous Rogier said...

Hi Duane,

Thanks for your post the other day on my blog! I just read up on you on your blog, and am very happy to read your results are very good. You hang in there, strong man!

I discovered you watched the New York City Marathon last year! I RAN the NYC marathon on that day! It felt like a great and fantastic victory (check: www.van-willigen.net).

Maybe we should run it together one time when you've recovered some more ;-). It was fantastic - keep it in the back of your mind.

I'm proud to be on your list of fellow prizefighters!

Regards from the Netherlands, Rogier

8:11 PM  
Comment Anonymous Rogier said...

Oh, and great you picked up photography! You made some great shots - and Flickr is full of amazing groups of photographers...

Keep it up!

8:12 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Many thanks, Rogier!

I had no clue that you ran in last year's marathon. I'll keep your offer in mind. :)

Stay well, friend.

11:55 PM  

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