Wednesday, December 19, 2007

day +120

This morning I visited the Broadway Bridge and photographed it for the first time. I managed to take several shots of the #1 train crossing the Broadway Bridge from the Allen Pavilion of New York-Presbyterian Hospital at W. 220th Street and Broadway before a security guard approached me telling me that photography from the Hospital campus is prohibited. He suggested I contact the Hospital's Public Relations office for access. So, that's what I did when I returned home.

Public Relations seems to be supportive of my project. According to the forecast, the next several days will be partly or completely cloudy, so I'll wait to negotiate a day and time for photographing from the Allen Pavilion campus when the weather clears up.

After leaving the Allen Pavilion, I walked across the Broadway Bridge to the nearby Metro-North Marble Hill Station from where I snapped more pictures. I don't think these came out very well. They're too dark unfortunately. But at least, I should be better prepared next time as I will have some familiarity with the immediate area around the bridge.

Though I no longer have the Adenovirus, I found this article very interesting: A Killer Cold? Even the Healthy May Be Vulnerable

Finally, here's a wonderful story that Eileen forwarded to me about how a retired NYPD detective's life was saved not by a fellow officer but by the life-giving blood stem cells of a donor from across the Atlantic: 9/11 Hero Meets His 'Cell' Mate: Transplant Miracle.


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