Friday, December 21, 2007

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Mortality Remains Elevated Years after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Many thanks to Cliff for bringing this very recent report to my attention.

Report Sees 7.6 Million Global 2007 Cancer Deaths


Comment Anonymous EFG said...

yes and there are higher mortality rates for many cancer survivorsbut the good news is that many strides have been made and hopefully we will all be among the ones whose odds are good!
I am still here after 30 years after HD diagnosis and BC and other late effects too numerous to mention.
I have a very good feeling about you- Duane- as your are a "prizefighter"!!


4:31 PM  
Comment Anonymous Nancy said...


Glad to hear about your recent scans. I saw this story this morning and thought you might be interested in reading it.

7:06 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Many thanks, Nancy! Fantastic article and I like his website too. Thanks for bringing his inspiring story to my attention.

12:21 PM  
Comment Blogger Jim Anderson said...

Duane, I question value of this study to recent sct patients. I think sct conditioning techniques, HLA matching, and infection treatments have all improved drastically over the past 10 years. Consequently, dont you think longevity statistics should reflect much improvement for recent sct patients? For instance, between 1999 and 2003 there was a 30% reduction in mud treatment related
1 year mortality. See this link to the NMDP graph. On the graph, see the right-most yellow bar. The graph came from this page.
What think? Cause for optimism?

1:23 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the info.

By posting this study, I didn't mean to imply that I believed it wholeheartedly. I tend to post reports/studies regardless of how I feel about them. I like to leave it up to the readers to decide how they feel about them.

5:40 PM  

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