Tuesday, November 13, 2007

yue minjun

I was very pleased to read An Artist's Famous Smile: What Lies Behind It? this morning, because I wasn't aware that the notable contemporary Chinese artist, Yue Minjun, has a number of his famous smiling self-portrait paintings and sculptures on exhibit at the Queens Museum of Art until January 6th.

Some time last year, I first learned about his work when I watched one of the travel programs on cable that I catch from time to time. It so happened that this particular episode focused on China and the host of the program visited Yue Minjun's studio, where the artist talked a bit about his work and how it's reflective of certain aspects of Chinese society and culture. Naturally upon first observation, I was grabbed immediately by the humor of his works' exaggerated smiling faces not fully aware that some of them symbolized something that was more worrisome, more Janus-like.

And then, later that year at Sotheby's I had the opportunity to see a few of his works that were being auctioned.

I'd like to see his paintings and sculptures exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art, but I'll wait until close to the exhibition's closing date since by that time I'll have reached at least day +130.


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