Sunday, November 04, 2007

nyc marathon photos 2007

Today my dad and I stood on 138th Street between Rider Avenue and Walton Avenue where we watched the marathon's participants run westwards under the Metro North overpass towards the Madison Avenue Bridge back into Manhattan. Around where we stood on 138th Street, the crowd was thin when we first arrived there but it looked as if closer towards Third Avenue there were more people. I could cross easily from one side of 138th Street to the other where we stood, but once the elite runners had passed and then after a sizable gap appeared, the majority of the marathon's participants made it our way after which time crossing the street became impossible.

A number of police officers and a group of enthusiastic fire fighters were at the scene. A small group of members from the Van Courtlandt Track Club had assembled along 138th Street just behind the overpass and they were very supportive of the runners with cheers and words of encouragement. So, as the marathon progressed, more and more people gathered along 138th Street to watch the spectacle before them, thus, creating more an electric atmosphere. As the field of runners thickened, so did the spectators. Moreover, as the marathon progressed the spectators inched further and further away from the sidewalk to get a better view, so that by the time the bulk of the runners came by half of the 138th had practically been taken over by the crowd thus allowing only the two eastern bound lanes of the street to the runners.

I had a really fun time. It was trilling and impressive. To see so many top athletes and normal, everyday folks competing amongst a cheering crowd of New Yorkers and tourists . . . what an exciting site! We waited around a bit hoping to catch a glimpse of Lance Armstrong, but failed to see him. We don't think he passed us before we walked back home.

Here comes Paula Radcliffe (aka Super Mom).

Paula Radcliffe leads the way as she is trailed by Gete Wami.

Radcliffe and Wami make their way towards the Madison Avenue Bridge.

Jelena Prokopcuka, last year's winner

The Africans, of course, leading the way for the men. Martin Lel, today's winner, is wearing the blue jersey and orange-colored shorts.

Stefano Baldini, the reigning Olympic champion

My dad and I

Hasn't Halloween passed? For more laughs, I saw one guy running in a Sponge Bob costume, another dressed as a clown, and perhaps the most memorable of all, someone running with his butt exposed and written in bold letters on the back of his shirt: "Hi Mom!"

Team in Training!

All my photographs from today's marathon can be viewed here.


Comment Blogger Michelle J said...

Duane, awesome pics!! Watching the marathon in person is just so much better than on TV! Glad you had a great time! You deserve it!

8:46 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

great photos---especially the one of you and your dad!
glad you were there in person.

7:34 AM  

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