Monday, November 26, 2007

in the news

Below are some of the news stories that I read recently.

Killing of Chicago Student Unsettles Campus Life I first learned about this via a mass e-mail to the university community and then, subsequently I read a few local Chicago news articles about it. I was aghast with shock and deep sadness about the senseless, barbaric murder of Amadou Cisse, a Ph.D candidate at The University of Chicago. He was preparing to receive his doctorate in chemistry on December 7th before this tragic event took place. It's just so, so difficult when one sees someone, such as Amadou Cisse, who had so much potential and promise killed for no reason other than the fact that some wacko wanted him dead. News like this is so depressing. I just feel for his family in Senegal as well as his friends and colleagues and more collectively, sadness about the darker parts of our society and our species.

Taking Science on Faith Paul Davies rocks! I read his cerebral book, Are We Alone? several weeks ago.

DNA Tests Find Branches but Few Roots

Looking Back on Shuttles Facing 'Final Countdown'

China Unveils First Image from Lunar Probe

Bearing Aid, U.S. Vows to Tread Lightly in Bangladesh

U.S. Warship Misses Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

Ally of Bush Is Defeated in Australia

Australia's Path Bends Away From U.S.

President Bush and 'Madame Rice': A Personal Bond Helps Align Policy

The U.S. Economy: Trying to Guess What Happens Next

Plumber's Progress

A Good Mystery: Why We Read?

Most Experience or Enough Experience?

Revisiting Giuliani's Role as 'America's Mayor'

New York Manhole Covers, Forged Barefoot in India

Immigrants Pull Weight in Economy, Study Finds


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