Friday, November 16, 2007

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Coming of Age in Vivaldi's Shadow I had no idea that the great Vivaldi was a priest. To me, this WNYC report was eye-opening about this musical genius's very interesting life.

Yankees May Pay Rodriguez for Home Run Record Yes, I am big Yankee fan but the reported $300 million salary for A-Rod is just absurd. What does this say about A-Rod when he wants so much money? It's just crazy, but the reality is that's how A-Rod and the Yankees like to do business and it will be we - the fans - who will suffer with higher, more unreasonable ticket prices. Such a monstrous contract isn't good for Yankee fans alone but moreover, for the game of baseball as a whole.

Bonds Charges Deepen Baseball's Shame

Exercise Advice Often Ignores the Jiggle Factor Quite interesting!

Candidates in a Box Pretty witty!

Challenges to Both Left and Right on Global Warming

After a Death, Use of Taser in Canada Is Debated


Comment Blogger Jim Anderson said...

nice camera work. hey, question. what health concerns do you have with your walking jaunts around the city? i'm trying to figure out:
1. Stay at home (boring!) with an air filter running to reduce dust and bacteria inhalation, or
2. Spend lots of time walking the city (Exciting!) where you are subject to dust, pollen, etc.
I'm interested to know why you decided to go with option #2. thanx. Jim

7:30 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Jim,

The medical staff encouraged me get out and walk whenever possible. Walking alone isn't a problem. It's important I move my muscles and try to stay active and as someone who loves fitness/activity, I feel like a part of me has been gorged out if I can't do some kind of physical activity. In addition, it's just good for my mental health. It's important I do something that keeps me focused and busy.

My walks around town don't for the most part place me the vicinity of people. When I'm forced to walk by people, I always make sure my mask is covering my nose and mouth. And of course, I wear those lovely surgical gloves (which acts as a deterrent at times; as if I had quills).

I know I've blogged a lot recently about my walks, but really I'm home most hours of the day reading, online, or watching tv. I don't walk everyday and generally, when I do it's but for a few hours or less.

Your question, however, mas made me think that I might want to tell my doc specifically about my travels and see what he says about risks. Thanks for asking!

9:36 PM  

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