Sunday, November 11, 2007

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If It Ain't Broke

Howling at the Moon

Experts Discuss Engineering Feats, Like Space Mirrors, to Slow Climate Change This reminds me of one of the Highlander movies in which the inhabitants on the future Earth were shielded by an enormous man-made shield that blocked out the Sun's harmful UV radiation, thereby, creating a surreal terrestrial environment shrouded in darkness (akin to the Batman movies).

Remnants of Yellowstone Supervolcano Still Active

Author Explains Mysteries of Music and the Mind

Chubby Gets a Second Look

The Web Takes Ron Paul for a Ride

Tough Guy With Charm, Often Living on the Edge

City's Newest Food Co-op Gains a Foothold in the South Bronx

Veterans' Rolls Decline Here as Fewer Enlist and More Move


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