Monday, November 05, 2007

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Radcliffe Shakes Off Rival

Armstrong Comes Back for More Too bad I missed Lance when he passed through the Bronx yesterday, but I was pleased to learn that he beat his time last year by about 13 minutes.

Lance Armstrong Finds His Groove at '07 NYC Marathon

As the marathoners ran along 138th Street towards the Madison Avenue Bridge, I saw many wearing Livestrong, Team in Training, and the orange-colored Fred's Team jerseys. Fred's Team is a group of first-time and experienced marathon runners with the common goal of raising funds for Sloan-Kettering and cancer research.

In Portland, Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels Very interesting article. Since Cliff is an enthusiastic cyclist, I forwarded this article to him thinking he'd be interested.

Obama Plays Convincing Obama in a Skit Mocking Clinton

Is (His) Biography (Our) Destiny? Though a lot of his message offers the opportunity for an attractive new change in American politics, it looks like (at least for the moment) that Obama's promising message has been stifled by the well-oiled Clinton machine and a timidness among segments of the American public that looks at Obama's political inexperience as too big of a question mark to garner their votes.

Gates in China for Talks on Military

Finally, following the very fascinating interview of Professor Daniel Levitin titled Music: It's Only Human on WNYC that I posted recently, I read this NYT op-ed article: Dancing in the Seats. Again, quite thought-provoking.


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