Saturday, November 17, 2007

day +88

This morning, I woke up again before dawn to pay a visit to my neighbor, the Harlem River. (And yes, Venus was there up above shining brightly yet again.) This time I went to photograph the 145th Street Bridge from the Manhattan side in the twilight morning. Below is the first photograph I snapped. It's unedited.

I really like the effect of the morning twilight on the water, but unfortunately I wasn't able to stabilize the image very well so the bridge isn't very sharp. If the image of the bridge had been clearer and closer, I think this would have been my best one today. Another problem was timing. I needed to have been at the pedestrian walkway a few minutes earlier, because by the time I arrived there I had only a few brief moments with the twilight. Moreover, I failed to take full advantage of the "Switch Assist" option during that time and then, before I knew it twilight had passed, replaced by the faint yellow and orange hues of the encroaching dawn sky.

From the pedestrian walkway, I crossed the very bridge that I had just photographed and then, I continued onto the Grand Concourse passing through Franz Sigel Park before getting home.

And finally, I returned to the Manhattan side of the Harlem River late this afternoon before dusk hoping to photograph the Macombs Dam Bridge at sunset but I think that the sunset was blocked by the thick cloud cover. Nevertheless, when I passed by the new Yankee Stadium under construction en route to the Macombs Dam Bridge I took this photograph. (The present Yankee Stadium is at the far right.)

I snapped this one on my return.


Comment Blogger Sanbandit said...

Nice pics!! You're nearing day 100, great to see your + days building up and building up!! Have a great thanskgiving!

10:41 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey, thanks Sandy! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

8:04 PM  
Comment Blogger Candace Kuchinski said...

You like that switch thingie, eh? I think it really suits your subjects. My advice to you since you are shooting more in low light (but nice light), is to use a tripod so that you can get crisp pictures, no shaking. Get a light one because you are on foot to all these places. It'll make a difference. I like how you captured the ship under the bridge in motion which adds interest to the photo. Happy Thanksgiving!

7:33 PM  
Comment Blogger Kelly Kane said...

I LOVE the twilight picture :)

I think it's terrific just the way it is!

11:01 AM  

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