Friday, November 16, 2007

day +87

This morning at 5:30 I woke up (as planned) in order to take photographs of the Macombs Dam Bridge from the Manhattan side in the morning twilight. Up until this point, all my photographs of the Harlem River bridges have been during the daytime and so, recently I've been a bit eager to experiment with different lighting. Since the Macombs Dam Bridge is only about a 20 minute walk away, I knew that I could get there easily before the expected sunrise at 6:43.

Overhead, as I made my way towards the bridge, our sister planet, Venus, was clearly visible in the twilight sky. It was quite a thrill seeing "The Evening/Morning Star" shine so brightly above.

I don't have a wide-angle lense for my digital camera, but the camera does have a very cool feature called "Switch Assist" that allows one to shoot overlapping images that can later be merged to create one panoramic image on the computer. I just figured this out last night when I reviewed the camera's manual. Here's the result.

I snapped many more photographs from the above location but this image is by far my best, I think. I didn't use the "Switch Assist" option with the next two images.

Now that I have experimented a little with early morning photography, I'm eager to try again with the Macombs Dam Bridge as well as with others.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

your photographs are just amazing. you have to do something with them--postcards, books something......



4:44 PM  
Comment Blogger Michelle J said...

Hey Duane, that first pic is so totally awesome. Hey, were you a photographer in another life?? Book, book, book!!!! Do it my friend. I will be waiting on line for you to sign it at the book store!

4:46 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Fans, please . . . I beg you, please. LOL :) No, really I appreciate the strong support. Thanks.

I must say I'm finding this to be pretty fun. I'm learning a bit about photography as well as more about my own backyard. But a book is definitely something I think may be possible at some point whether I publish it myself using software or seek a book publisher. If things continue this well, this will probably turn into a long project during which time I'll continue to post my images and I'd encourage you to tell what you think of the pictures.

5:06 PM  
Comment Blogger Candace Kuchinski said...

Love that panoramic feature your camera does! You HAVE to keep using that for cityscapes. I'm glad you are experimenting with light. Exposing for it can be tricky, but it makes all the difference in mood. Weather too, like fog and snow, although I'm not promoting you go outside in a snowstorm if you could get sick. Are you still being very careful about that? Very nice photos.

2:01 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Candice,

Yes, I'm still being very careful of course. I'm well-layered when I'm outside and I always wear my mask and gloves. The photography doesn't place me around people really. I always alone and in isolated places, but whenever I do cross people I make sure my mask is fit properly.

I know you're a photographer. If you have any tips, please let me know. I'm happy to learn from a pro! :)

9:26 PM  

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