Saturday, October 06, 2007

jennifer needs your prayers and best wishes

Friend and fellow prizefighter, Jennifer Willey, who like myself has been battling refractory Hodgkin's Disease for several years underwent an allogeneic stem cell transplant in late 2006. Since May 2007, she has been dealing with chronic GVHD, but unfortunately the problem has grown significantly worse to the point that her lungs have been damaged badly. She is terribly weak, needs a wheelchair to get around, and is dependent on an oxygen apparatus 24/7. The situation is grave. Presently, her medical team is trying ECP/Photopheresis in the hope that it will alleviate the damage caused by the cGHVD to her lungs.

Please leave a comment of encouragement on her blog, Hodgkins Lymphoma Awareness - My Journey Battling Cancer. She and her family needs our support at this very difficult time.


Comment Blogger Candace Kuchinski said...

Hi Duane,

I looked up Jennifer W. after reading your post and was suprised to learn lives only about 2.5-3 hrs from me! Small world. We are in contact now and I'll be following her daily too, so thanks for that.
PS - those pics of the Maine coast I promised will be up soon

Candace Kuchinski

6:06 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

No prob, Candace. It's great that you've contacted Jennifer and forged a relationship.

Looking forward to those pics of the Maine coast! Thanks for sharing.

Be well.

Much love,

6:42 PM  

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