Friday, October 05, 2007

i need a drink

Oh, boy. I need a drink, but I can't (for an unknown number of months following my transplant)! No, I really just need to decompress. Urghh.

What a valiant effort by Pettite! And Carmona did a superb job! The Yanks' offense just sucked today. The whole team just did not hit.

This game tonight was so tense that my palms were sweating during those stressful innings in the latter part of the game. At moments, I couldn't take it. It was like when Rocky and Apollo Creed duked it out into those late rounds of Rocky. Oh man!

I'm just bummed out right now. Let's go Yanks on Sunday!


Comment Blogger Michelle J said...

Hi Duane,

Please don't be too bummed out! You know the Yanks always come back in the end and i bet they will on Sunday! What was with those flying ants??? Strange.

How are you feeling? Hope you have a great weekend! Maybe, i can join you for that drink! :O)

Love Michelle

10:38 AM  
Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Flying ants??..........we've had a few outbreaks of them over the 'summer' here in Scotland. I don't recall every seeing them before so had to comment on Michelle's comment!! Something weird's going on.......but what??


3:01 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Yes, those flying gnats were crazy! Did you see Joba Chamberlein's neck? Those gnats were having a feast!

9:53 PM  

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