Monday, October 29, 2007

day +69

I saw Dr. Castro-Malaspina and Ally this morning. My counts are great and he continues to be pleased with my progress. There's still no evidence of EBV or the Adenovirus thankfully. I asked him about flossing to which he replied it's a smart idea as my platelets have remained stable. I don't want gingivitis or other mouth-related problems. He, however, cautioned me to not use Listerine as it might be too strong for my mouth but said Biotene was a fine substitute.

Next Monday, I'm scheduled for a CT scan at the 53rd Street satellite location at 8am and then, I'll see him for my weekly check-up at 9:30. My previous imaging scan, he said, showed something that resembled "glass" in my lungs, which I didn't quite understand but he wants a follow-up CT to see if this "glass" has cleared away. Sorry I can't explain what the "glass" is more clearly as I myself don't understand it fully, but he didn't seem alarmed by this, so I'm not.

While at the appointment, I learned that my donor's blood type is O+, which makes me O+ as well. I used to be A+. Farewell A+! I took this opportunity to ask him how the change in my bone marrow would affect the submission of a sample to The Genographic Project. My blood is that of my donor, so the ancestral history described would be his as well, but my cheek cells, however, are still my own, Dr. Castro-Malaspina said, and so, their analysis would in fact reflect my own ancestral lineage. In sum, if I wish to participate in the Genographic Project, I must submit cells from the inside of my cheek not my blood cells.

I also submitted my letter for my donor to Sinda this morning. Before leaving for Sloan this morning, I removed just one word from the draft letter, so the final copy is basically the same as the copy I posted 2 days ago. Now that it's in she will pass it along to NMDP, which will then forward it to the donor himself.

Following today's appointment, Clare dropped my mom and me off at Macy's where I purchased a Paddington Bear-like winter coat (minus the big red hat). Mine, however, is dark brown not blue like the one Mr. Paddington Bear is wearing to the left. I threw away my black peacoat several months ago as it was past its prime. Rather than waiting until say, the Thanksgiving Day sale, when the department stores are packed with people I figured this lazy Monday afternoon following the appointment was a great time to look for a new winter coat. Wearing my surgical mask and blue medical gloves, I walked through Macy's men's department. I received a couple of curious looks, but I continued what I was doing.


Comment Blogger Jim Anderson said...

If I was a real curious donor I would search for transplant blogs for someone getting a transplant a day after I donated. I realize that prolly not a lot of people would blog their xplant like you or I, but it would be worth a try.
Anyway, i hope your glass lungs turn out to be nothing. Seems like you'd feel something not right if there was a problem.

8:53 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

I hope so too. Thanks Jim.

9:20 PM  
Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Hi Duane - sorry I've not been around much, but have been keeping an eye on your progress - glad to see it's still going reasonably smoothly!

Just had to make a comment on this post to share the paddington bear coincidence - just as I was logging on to your blog, Wullie was watching a (very) old re-run of Paddington Bear and saying how much he used to love PB as a child - then we saw your pic of him!! Brightened his day!!! Make sure and post a pic of you wearing your Brown Paddington coat!!!

Take care - hope your kidney tests come back clear...........xx

5:21 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Veronica.... You gotta deal. I'm sport that Paddington Bear coat soon!! :)

5:59 PM  

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