Sunday, October 28, 2007

day +68

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At about 11 this morning, I set off for that long walk which had been postponed a few days ago due to the nasty, wet weather. Today I walked south across the Willis Avenue Bridge into Harlem from where I crossed the pedestrian crosswalk that spans the FDR Drive onto the pedestrian and bicycle walkway at 120th Street. From there I continued south at a leisurely pace snapping photographs along the way. I photographed the slender, aqua-colored pedestrian bridge (whose name I don't know) that connects Manhattan and Randall's Island at about 103th Street as well as the Triborough and Hells Gate Bridges.

The walk south along the pedestrian walkway was a pleasant experience. The sun was bright and the sky was free of clouds. With the average wind speed around 15 mph, it was blustery at moments but OK. It was a wonderful autumnal day.

I continued south until I arrived at about 95th Street and FDR Drive before turning back on the same route. At about 118th Street and FDR Drive, there on the northbound side of the road lay a gray SUV turned on its left side. I didn't see how the accident occurred as it happened before I arrived there, but the traffic behind the crashed SUV came to a complete halt. Individuals exited their cars in confusion asking for answers as to why the traffic had stopped. And surrounded by snarled traffic, emergency vehicles moved like molasses in the direction of the toppled SUV. At least one fire engine and a few emergency service vehicles, however, had made it to the scene of the accident when I arrived there. The passenger(s) wasn't in the SUV when I got there, so I don't know their status. Hopefully, the occupant(s) is OK.

I lingered around the accident for a couple of minutes before continuing northwards towards First Avenue, which leads directly to the Willis Avenue Bridge, before my feet and ankles started to ache. I was able to make it across the bridge into the Bronx despite the continued discomfort. Interestingly, my legs felt fine. My breathing and stamina were fine too. It were my feet and ankles which were the problem. They had had too much. But I managed to make it back home despite having to take a brief rest at a few points along my return.

In total, I walked about 8 miles today according to Google Earth. Walking to 95th Street and FDR Drive was pleasant and easy, it was the return that was a challenge. If I do walk that far again (which I think I'll do), my feet will need to be better prepared or I'll just take a cab back home. But I must say that these recent walks throughout the Bronx and Manhattan have been very fulfilling. There's so much to see in this town and too little time. They have given me the opportunity to see some of city's nuisances and little delights from the street that are so much more challenging to pick out from a car or bus.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

what great photos and on such a perfect Fall day. you take excellent photograps--perhaps another career as a photojournalist??


12:18 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Maybe. :) Thanks EFG!!!

10:00 PM  

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