Thursday, October 25, 2007

day +65

For some, my blog's header may not be visible. There are problems with the host's server. I'm hoping to have it back up soon.

I forgot to mention yesterday that before I hailed a cab to take me downtown to see Dr. Roberts, I saw large trailers, lights, and activity on the southern side of the Bronx County Courthouse at 158th Street. I found out later from my dad that the production crew from Law & Order were there filming.

This morning I had hoped to go for a nice long walk, but it's damp and cloudy today so I'll stay in. I don't want to go out there for such a long walk and at some point get soaked. According to the forecast, the weather isn't expected to clear up until Sunday. My plan was to walk across the Willis Avenue Bridge again and from there, follow the pedestrian pathway along the FDR Drive south to about 96th Street. When I'm in a car on the FDR Drive, I'm used to seeing people walking or jogging on the pedestrian pathway all the time, but I myself have never walked along it. In particular, I think the pedestrian pathway between about 100th and 96th Streets offers some wonderful views of the East River, the Hells Gate and Triborough Bridges. On a clearer day, I'd like to take photos of these landmarks.

The purple line in the image below shows the route I had planned to take this morning.

Oh, and before I forget (again), Michelle reminded me of the name of the impressive individual, who appeared on Monday's Oprah following Kris Carr. His name is Randy Pausch and you can visit his website here.


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