Monday, October 15, 2007

day +55

This morning as part of my breakfast, I ate an orange for the first time since my admission to Sloan for the start of the transplant. Following the transplant, I was told to avoid oranges and other acidic foods, because of concern that they may upset my delicate stomach but I had no problems at all with this morning's orange. This is really good news, because up until this morning I had practically avoided all fruits for the simple fact that most can't be peeled and I'm forbidden (at least for now) from eating fruits that lack thick peels, such as grapes, strawberries, peaches, and pears, due to the bacteria that is be present on their surfaces. Even bananas and kiwis, which I love, have had to be avoided because my potassium level has been too high since transplantation. Grapefruits are a no-no too (not that I eat them), because they disturb the metabolism of the anti-GVHD drug, Tacrolimus. I enjoy eating fruits, especially in the morning at breakfast, so this protracted ban on fruits has sucked, which means that my diet isn't as balanced and nutritious as it was prior to transplantation.

My new stationary bicycle arrived this afternoon. I'll see if my dad can help me assemble it tomorrow.

Today at my weekly check-up with Dr. Castro-Malaspina, I learned that the blood tests for the Adenovirus and EBV were negative, which means that at least for now I won't need any more cycles of Cidofovir. This is very positive news. My counts were normal. I also gained about 2 lbs since last time and my hair has started to grow back. I also told him about the mental stress that I've been under recently.

I reminded both him and Ally about the small bumps on my face and forehead. (Prior to transplantation, my face and skin were smooth). He examined my face and concluded that it's probably not GVHD, but rather a result of the all of the medication and the transplant. My face and lips are dry most of the time and he suggested I use Eucerin lotion to moisturize my face. Ever since the transplant, I've been using A & D ointment on my lips.

He did say that the back of my mouth looked a little irritated, but he wasn't alarmed.

Next Monday, I'll of course see Dr. Castro-Malaspina again but I'm also scheduled for the IVIG and Pentamidine that day. These are two standard post-allo transplant treatments given monthly aimed at boosting the immune system and preventing Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP).

Following today's appointment, I had a session with Dr. Roberts. Due to difficulties with our schedules, our last three sessions have been via the phone, so this was our first face-to-face session in a few weeks.


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