Sunday, October 07, 2007

day +47

One of the images which I downloaded but didn't post yesterday is this fantastic photograph of the Milky Way band above the mountains of Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming. I, like most Americans, as a consequence of light pollution have never seen the night sky in all its cosmic glory, which is in part why I have been so interested in visiting some of the country's rustic, remoter parts.

I was introduced to the beauty of Grand Teton National Park a few years ago when I first saw Quang-Tuan Luong's gorgeous photographs of this American gem. With regards to American national parks, Glacier has long been at the top of my list. Perhaps it's of little surprise that with most of my interest focused on visiting Glacier in the future, I overlooked Grand Teton as a possible destination. So, after seeing the above photograph at Astronomy Picture of the Day, I was motivated to do a bit of research. Many times when I'm curious about domestic travel, I revisit a favorite book of mine, National Geographic's Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways. It so happens that from Glacier National Park, one can pick up U.S.-89, which continues south for about 380 miles through the scenic landscape of the northern Rockies, straight to Yellowstone National Park, which is about 96 miles north of Grand Teton. This came as an exciting surprise as I had no idea that given sufficient time all three national parks are within reach. After learning this last night, I have been playing with the idea that on that future trip to Glacier I may be able to also visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton in one big Rocky Mountain tour.

Finally, Tammer called me late this afternoon letting me know that he completed the Lasalle Bank Chicago marathon in a little more than five hours. He said the high heat and humidity today made the run a challenging one in which many participants weren't able to finish, but he did though his finish time was more than he had hoped. Tammer went on to say that the atmosphere was electric as his family watched and cheered amidst thousands of enthusiastic bystanders. About 45,000 individuals participated in the marathon today.

When I receive copies of his pictures, I'll share them.


Comment Blogger Mary said...

Yep, I'm at Weill-Cornell too. I have Dr. Furman. Apparently all he does is Lymphoma. I hope things are going well with you!


7:59 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Great. Once Dr. Furman looked over me while in inpatient there. He seems great.

8:46 AM  
Comment Blogger Mary said...

It's a small world after all! Yeah, I like him a lot. Hopefully things will continue to get better for both of us!


9:23 AM  

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