Monday, October 01, 2007

day +41

This morning I had my weekly checkup with Dr. Castro-Malaspina, who returned from his two-week rotation on the transplant ward. Although the last Adenovirus blood test came back negative, I'm still scheduled to have two more cycles of cidofovir in order to make sure that the virus is gone completely from my entire system. That means I'll be back at Sloan on Thursday for another long day treatment and then, again on Friday for IV hydration. The fact that the diarrhea has stopped is a sign that the Adenovirus was its likely source. My counts were fine, he said. I told him as I had done to Dr. Barker and Ally about the sore spot on my left shoulder and the occasional phantom feeling I have in my chest. He didn't seem alarmed, but said the PET scan that I took today would show what if anything is going on.

I also asked him about a script for a stationary bicycle under physical therapy, but he wasn't able to comply since I am not suffering from joint or leg issues that would require physical therapy. So, as I have done for about the past week, I'll continue to browse the Internet for a decent stationary bicycle to purchase.

My appointment with Dr. Castro-Malaspina was scheduled for 10 AM and the PET scan for 12:45, which meant that I hadn't eaten since late last night. In retrospect, it was no surprise that my belly was upset since I hadn't eaten breakfast. Moreover, I had to take my daily meds on an empty stomach. But honestly, the upset stomach made me worry somewhat that perhaps hunger wasn't the problem but that it was the first sign of the development of GVHD in my GI or liver. However, after I returned home around 3:45 and ate, my belly started to feel better. So, my concern about GVHD was probably premature.


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