Saturday, September 29, 2007


I didn't hesitate to take advantage of today's spectacular fall weather. With the temperature hovering in the low 70s with no humidity and a clear sky, it was superb. Having walked across the nearby 145 Street Bridge a few times last week, I decided to take a hack at the more distant Third Avenue Bridge, another one of the various spans connecting the boroughs of the Bronx and Manhattan. I've crossed the Third Avenue Bridge dozens of times by car (such as when I go to Sloan) and the distance seemed so close, but by foot it's considerably longer. Indeed, I underestimated how far I actually lived from the bridge as I was so used to reaching it by car. Moreover, I didn't take the most direct route to the bridge favoring instead to linger around Yankee Stadium where I snapped dozens of photos.

According to GoogleMaps, my walk to Manhattan and back totaled about 6 miles, which you can follow here. I started at the Bronx County Court House, which is about one block from where I live. From the Court House, I headed west to Yankee Stadium and then, walked south along River Avenue past the continuing construction to 149th Street whereupon I headed back east up the short hill to the Grand Concourse continuing east over the MetroNorth rail yard to 3rd Avenue. I then continued southward along 3rd Avenue passing many auto repair and paint shops for about 15 blocks before I reached the bridge. The route that I walked though I know it well isn't one of the usual ways that I get around the South Bronx. Generally, I walk no further south than 149th Street. Any further (which is almost always into Manhattan) and I'd take the subway. So, it was great with such pleasant weather to stroll through sections of my greater neighborhood that I hadn't visited for some time.

On my return back across the Harlem River from Manhattan, I took a more direct route home. Rather than walking along 3rd Avenue, when I reached 138th Street after reentering the Bronx, I headed west to the Grand Concourse which I followed straight home.

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Comment Blogger BaldyLocks said...

So I just read through your blog (you have so much info on here!) I see you are working up towards day 100.

I think your blog is amazing and that you are able to keep it up right now is great! I'll be checking in and recomending it to others.

Wishing you happy cells!

1:22 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

great photos. I showed Bob the Yankees mural which he liked.

glad you are feeling better!


1:31 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks BaldyLocks!

11:09 PM  

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