Sunday, September 30, 2007

day +40

I went for another walk in the neighborhood this afternoon. The weather was spectacular again today. Thankfully, today doesn't seem like it will be the last. According to the ten-day forecast, the weather is supposed to stay about the same for the coming days.

Having stayed up late last night, I didn't feel like I had it in me today to cross the Third Avenue Bridge again, so I settled for the much closer 145th Street Bridge - a landmark that has become more familiar with each crossing. Wearing a surgical mask and gloves and protected by sunblock SPF 45, I walked leisurely with my Canon PowerShot A700 camera hanging across my right shoulder. On my way back from Manhattan, I headed along River Avenue to Yankee Stadium where I took more photographs of the Cathedral of Baseball and the area surrounding it. From the Stadium, I snapped dozens of photographs of its successor, which is located directly opposite it and scheduled to open for the 2009 baseball season. Finally, I walked up 161 Street before returning home taking pictures of the north side of the Court House before I made my way to the Grand Concourse from where I could see down the hill in the distance the present and future Yankee Stadiums opposite each other. From the intersection of 161 Street and the Grand Concourse, the 'House that Ruth Built' stands on the left confidently full of Yankee lore where legends were made and memories were born and directly opposite it on my right, stands the concrete and steel skeleton of the future 'House that the Boss Built' where Yankee fans hope that their beloved team's unrivaled tradition and legacy continues for years and years to come.

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Tonight I did catch Episode 11 of The Side Order of Life on Lifetime in which Matthew Zachery, the founder of the very successful young adult cancer website, I'm Too Young For This, has a guest appearance as himself. I think he did a terrific job. Way to go Matt!

And finally, how about those Phillies! From seven games back with seventeen to play, they fought resiliently to win the NL Eastern Division title. What a story! The Mets just collapsed. And then, the Rockies came back to force a one game tie-breaker to determine the NL Wild Card winner tomorrow! These last few days of the baseball season have been terrific.


Comment Blogger Candace Kuchinski said...

Hi Duane,

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my new blog "Diary of a Soon-to-be Cancer Survivor". I'm inspired by your blog! You have connected with so many people. I'm glad to be a part. I decided to comment on this particular post because I admire your photography. I am a photographer too. I'm going on a sailing trip this weekend and will have some great coast of Maine photos to post, I hope, next week. Talk to you soon.

8:02 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Don't mention it. Talk to you soon!


8:43 PM  

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