Friday, September 28, 2007

day +38

Today was another long day at Sloan, but it went well. I arrived there as scheduled at 1:30, but the IV hydration wasn't able to get started for 2 hours because there were no available chairs. Everything was taken. But I took it in stride and just read and read and read as I waited to be called.

Tonight when I left, it didn't take my dad and I too long to get a taxi but last night when we waited for one in front of Sloan, a taxi stopped for us but then took off suddenly. Immediately afterwards my dad said the driver pulled off, because he saw me wearing the mask and gloves. Fear of the Man in the Surgical Mask! I think he's right. And then, this morning as I waited alone for a cab to take me to Sloan, a livery taxi pulled up as if it was going to take me but after the driver got a better view of me, he pulled off. It irritated me slightly, but I got over it quickly. Another taxi came and took me soon afterwards.


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