Thursday, September 27, 2007

day +37

After about a ten-hour day at Sloan today, I'm back home. I received cidofovir again this afternoon. The two biggest news items from today's visit is that the Adenovirus blood test taken on Monday returned negative and the chimerism blood test revealed that my blood is 100% donor, which means my donor's cells engrafted well. Both are excellent news. Yet, as of now I'm scheduled for at least two more cycles of cidofovir. If the Adenovirus blood test came back negative, I don't understand why I may need two more cycles of this anti-viral drug. At my appointment on Monday with Dr. Castro-Malaspina, I'll bring this up. Otherwise, my counts were fine.

I mentioned to Ally my interest in acquiring a stationary bicycle so that I can return to regular exercise. I miss going to the gym, although of course that's a big no-no right now and it will continue to be so for some time. She thought my idea was great. Last night I reviewed the Survivors' Guide for Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant: What to Expect and How to Get Through It, which mentioned that a doctor's prescription can help one buy an exercise bike. So, I brought this up in our conversation and she said that that shouldn't be a problem and then, told me to talk to Dr. Castro-Malaspina about this on Monday.

Like last week, I need to go back tomorrow for four more hours of IV hydration to flush my kidneys of the toxicity from cidofovir.

While in the outpatient clinic this afternoon, I read the following articles:

Soldiers' Portraits Make the Costs of War More Visible

Blackwater Tops Firms in Iraq in Shooting Rate

O'Reilly Dines in Harlem, Talks About It, Then Hears About It

Scientists Feel Miscast in Film on Life's Origin

For Torre, Climb to Playoffs Brings No Guarantee

Best Record Is One Thing; Division Title Another


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your GOOD news made my day. You are amazing!

Keep getting lots of rest and hope the visit with Dr. C-M goes well

Will chat later


8:04 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Yes, it's very good news. Thanks Eileen.

8:25 AM  
Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Delighted and amazed in equal measures at how well you're doing ,Duane - you must be some guy!!..............xx

5:29 PM  
Comment Blogger Sanbandit said...

Hi Duane! glad things are going well. yeah they probably just want to be on the safe side and make sure the engrafting really sticks so give ya couple extra rounds. Not that I really know anything about sct's but that would be my guess. Like adding two more treatments of chemo after all the scans came back clean and everything has shrunk.
Keep up the good spirit, vibes and energy!

8:50 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks, Veronica. You're making me blush! :)

9:38 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Sandy,

Glad to see you and Kelly had a great time together.

The cidofovir isn't related to the Hodgkin's. It's an anti-viral drug to treat the Adenovirus, which was found in my stool and blood. But as you proposed, most likely I'm scheduled for more cycles of this drug in order to make sure the Adenovirus is surely gone.

Thanks for commenting!


9:44 PM  

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