Tuesday, September 25, 2007

day +35

This afternoon I thoroughly enjoyed reading the NYT special section, The Space Age, which looks at the legacy of Sputnik, how its launch almost 50 years ago initiated the space age and influenced our culture and politics. As someone fascinated by astronomy and space exploration I found all the articles to be very interesting and would encourage everyone to read the entire section, but if I could recommend only a few, here they are:

New Horizons Beckon, Inspiring Vision if Not Certainty

One Giant Leap, Followed by Decades of Baby Steps

When Science Suddenly Mattered, in Space and in Class

And then, here are some of the other news items that I checked out today.

Save the Day

Research Team Says Extraterrestrial Impact to Blame for Ice Age Extinctions

School Choice and Self-Selected Segregation


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