Sunday, September 23, 2007

day +33

The weather was spectacular today. After watching my usual Sunday morning shows, I went for a walk along the Grand Concourse down to 149th Street where at the intersection I decided that since I was feeling well and the weather was so wonderful, I'd go a bit further than I had planned originally. So, I turned west at the corner and made my way to the 145 Street Bridge, where I saw cars full of visitors to today's afternoon game queuing to enter a nearby parking lot before I crossed the bridge into nearby Manhattan. It has been awhile since I last walked across that bridge, but the experience was great. The sky was blue and clear and there was no humidity. I wish I had brought my camera along. Next time. The bridge offers a very pleasant view of the Harlem River, which meets the mighty Hudson at the northern most edge of Manhattan, as well as Yankee Stadium in the distance, the traffic on the Harlem River Drive, and the other bridges that connect the two boroughs. I also saw a few pleasure crafts zip up the river. From the 145 Street Bridge, I couldn't see the new Yankee Stadium that is being constructed directly across from the current one, but I did notice the steel skeleton of another structure. My dad thinks it's the hotel that is planned to be built in the area as part of the so-called Yankee Village in which the new Yankee Stadium will be its heart. After reaching the Manhattan side of the bridge at the corner of 145th and Lenox Avenue, I called Su and Jared before retracing my route back home.

This afternoon I read a couple of news articles before watching most of the Yankees-Blue Jays game. Boston lost and the Yankees won, so the Yanks are back to 1 1/2 games behind their great rival. And then after the game I watched How the Earth Was Made on the History Channel, which I found to be riveting. When I watch and read about how this planet came to be and how life formed, diversified, got wiped out (a couple of times), and then formed and diversified yet again it makes me think that this must surely be the greatest story ever told. This stuff is just fantastic! And after watching this program, I read some more.

No diarrhea again today. This must be good news.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Hi Duane - can't believe you're day +33 already - incredible! All of a sudden the days just seem to tick off!

Glad you got out to enjoy an amazing day - we also had a beautiful blue-sky day yesterday, although I suspect our temperature was a bit chillier than in NY! Hope you do take your camera next time, I'd love to see the pictures.

Stay strong, Duane - you're doing brilliantly..........xx

3:22 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Vernoica!!!

6:39 PM  

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