Thursday, September 20, 2007

day +30

Today was a long day. It was much longer than I had anticipated. We arrived at Sloan a little before 9AM and I didn't leave until about 8PM.

My dad, Clare, and I met Ally in the clinic this morning and she reviewed my blood labs with us. My counts were in normal range, so that was fine. My Sirolimus level, however, was a little high, so I was told to not take it tomorrow morning and thereafter, change my dosage from 2mg to 1mg. Fluctuations in the dosage of the Sirolimus and Tacrolimus are normal and that's why their levels are reviewed during my appointments.

After about three hours of IV hydration for the protection of my kidneys, I received cidofovir intravenously as planned. The cidofovir infused over one hour. During the infusion, I also received the anti-PCP treatment, aerosolized pentamidine, which left a metallic-like taste in my mouth but after I rinsed my mouth three times with water the taste was gone. The treatment was very similar to a pulmonary function test. For twenty minutes, I had to breathe in and out through my mouth into a tube that filtered the pentamidine. When the infusion of the cidofovir was completed, another three hours of IV hydration began but after some confusion the medical staff informed me that I was scheduled to receive IVIG as well since it also took three hours to infuse. So they were able to kill two birds with one stone.

Cidofovir can be damaging to the kidneys and cause renal failure, which is why I received about six hours of IV hydration today. In addition to the hydration, I also took several dosages of probenecid during my stay and was given a script for two tablets of 500mg to take tonight at midnight. My day nurse, Iya, stressed repeatedly the importance of taking this drug tonight, because probenecid helps to eliminate the toxicity caused by cidofovir.

As of now, I'm scheduled to receive cidofovir again next Thursday and the aerosolized pentamidine on October 18th. I must return tomorrow for more blood work followed by another four hours of IV hydration. Consequently, I was forced to cancel my noon appointment with Dr. Roberts, since it's very unlikely I'll be out of Sloan before 1PM.


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