Wednesday, September 19, 2007

day +29

I stayed in today despite the wonderful, sunny weather. I feel pretty good, although I've become a bit tired during the past two hours and may lie down a bit after I submit this post. I need to sleep more probably, but I've stayed up late the past several nights enjoying the Yankees as they make a good run for the division title and other pennant coverage.

This afternoon I uploaded to my Flickr account all the photographs I took during my JYA in Morocco back in 2000. This is something I had wanted to do for some time. I had scanned the photographs during the immediate days before I was admitted to Sloan, but waited to edit them until I was back home. You can look at them here.

Now that the images from Morocco are up, I just need to work on those from my first trip to Tunisia.

Ally called me about 40 minutes ago informing me that the Adenovirus test came back positive. So, the virus has made its way into my blood. She told me to come in tomorrow as scheduled and that in addition to the IVIG and aerolized pentamidine, I'll receive cidofovir to combat the Adenovirus. I know very little about cidofovir, but I'm sure the medical staff will fill me in at tomorrow's appointment. Supposedly, it's harsh on the kidneys. After a bit of searching, I did find a couple of articles and medical reviews about the use of cidofovir in post-transplant patients positive for the Adenovirus.

Low-Dose Cidofovir Effective Against Post-SCT Adenovirus Infection

Early Diagnosis of Adenovirus Infection and Treatment with Cidofovir after Bone Marrow Transplantation in Children

Treatment of Adenovirus Disease in Stem Cell Transplant Recipients with Cidofovir

I'm not thrilled about receiving cidofovir. I just hope it doesn't make me sick and it takes care of this virus.


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