Saturday, September 15, 2007

day +25

This morning I suffered from more diarrhea. The diarrhea itself wasn't the worst part. What made the experience so painful was the raw, irritating feeling in my rectum that followed the diarrhea. It hurt. It was so uncomfortable to sit down. On Thursday I had a similarly painful experience following diarrhea. Like then, today I used my last pill of Oxycodone to help alleviate the pain, which it did in part after some time had elapsed but my rear end remained sore for most of the afternoon. I know that I have at least one hemorrhoid about which I was informed during my recent hospital stay when I was experiencing similar discomfort. I'm sure the hemorrhoid developed during my GND (GVD) treatment in Chicago when I suffered from awfully painful constipation.

Whether the Adenovirus is responsible for the continued diarrhea, I'm not sure. It very well could be the Magnesium. As of Friday, the Adenovirus test was still pending but I was told by the nurse, Michelle, that the results should be available in time for my appointment on Monday.


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