Tuesday, September 11, 2007

day +21

Since returning home on Thursday, I've been inside except for when I had to go to Sloan on Monday. So, at around noon today before my dad went to work I went out for my first walk. It was very humid and cloudy outside with the threat of rain. Wearing my mask and gloves, I walked about 10 blocks on the Grand Concourse up to 167th Street and then back as the rain began. I was fatigued. I could tell. My legs were weak. My breathing was slightly heavier than normal. I was sweating in part due to the humidity I'm sure but perhaps also due to the physical exertion. When I got back upstairs, I felt pretty wiped out but after resting for several minutes I felt OK. It was good being outside. The experience just showed me how fatigued my body really is. As someone who worked out regularly prior to transplantation, it's amazing what chemotherapy and three weeks of isolation will do to the human body, but the human body is equally resilient and quick to bounce back once given time. Walking daily will be a great way for me to regain some of my stamina and muscular strength.

I called Ally late this afternoon regarding the Adenovirus blood test. She told me that results hadn't returned yet, but that I shouldn't worry. They were keeping an eye on it. Though I haven't moved my bowels yet today, I haven't had any diarrhea either which I hope is a positive sign.

Finally, I downloaded Google Earth today. Though I learned about it while in Sloan, I waited to download the program when I returned home because my Norton Internet Security which had been giving me problems was resolved only yesterday. Google Earth is awesome! One has access to detailed NASA satellite images that allow anyone to explore any spot on Earth or in the night sky. I strongly recommend checking it out.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Good for you , getting out there and walking, Duane! When people asked Wullie how he was in the early days post-transplant, he used to reply "I feel great - for a 90 year old" - he just felt he his body had aged so much in that short time in hospital - but as you say, it's amazing how quickly the body bounces back, in a few weeks, nobody will be able to tell what you've been through.

Amazed at how well you're doing.....xx

4:26 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Veronica!

4:47 PM  

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