Saturday, September 08, 2007

day +18

My stomach was a bit queasy last night, but it was resolved after taking an Ativan before bedtime.

I realized this morning after taking my morning meds that I may have taken the wrong dosage of the anti-GVHD drug, Tacrolimus, since coming home. Originally, I was going to be given it in its pill form but it was changed to its liquid equivalent before my discharge, but the medication list I was given before leaving wasn't updated to reflect the change from pill to liquid. It states 1mg every 12 hours. Mg, of course, is a unit of measurement for solids not liquids. I was given disposable syringes to use but since coming home I have taken 1mL assuming incorrectly that it was the same as 1mg. Realizing that I may have made a mistake, I called the nurses' station on the transplant floor this morning and was able to get in touch with Sarah, one of my day nurses during my stay. She told me that I should have been taking 2mL as that is the equivalent to 1mg. Hopefully, I didn't make too much of a mistake. I'll let Dr. Castro-Malaspina know what I did on Monday at appointment.

Otherwise, I haven't done much today other than continue to work my way through the first season of 24 and spend some time online. Su and I spent the morning together before she left for Brooklyn around 1PM.

I haven't unpacked much either. Almost all of the things I brought to the hospital are still in their bags.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Hi Duane - I'm sure your wrong dosage won't have done too much damage - too much tends to be more dangerous than too little. But you're right to share this with your doc. Well done on realising so quickly and doing something about it! Nothing wrong with your brain then, Duane!!

Hope you're enjoying '24'. I've never watched it. I'm pretty hooked on the first season of 'Heroes' just now - do you recommend '24'?

Take care - take it easy and enjoy being at home.........xx

3:53 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Veronica,

Yeah, I hope the wrong dosage isn't too much of a problem. It shouldn't be.

"24" is great! It's addictive. I saw perhaps 2 episodes of "Heroes" awhile back, but I came in late in the season so my girlfriend had to explain everything to me. Now that the first season is on DVD, I should start from the beginning.

Thanks for your comments.

I hope Wullie is well!


5:37 PM  

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