Friday, September 07, 2007

day +17

I'm home. I made it.

I was discharged at about 5PM yesterday on day +16. I was pushed in the wheelchair onto York Avenue wearing a mask and gloves and enjoyed the pleasant summer breeze after 23 days in Sloan-Kettering. I didn't make it home until about 6PM.

Day +16 started like the others. I was given my medications in the morning. At around 11:30, Dr. Hsu and her team came by on their morning tour. I was told that my ANC dipped a bit below 2.0, so I would receive a neupogen shot which I did before I was discharged. Wondering if that's normal for the ANC to fluctuate, she said yes it is and it's nothing to worry about. At around 1, my Hickman catheter (which you see to the left) was removed at my bedside. Other than the sharp sting from the local anesthesia, its removal was smooth and easy. I was told that after 48 hours I can remove the bandage covering the insertion site. Having become inured to the around-the-clock companionship of the IV pole during these past three weeks, I immediately reached to unplug the IV pole from the wall following the removal of the catheter forgetting that I was no longer attached it. I caught myself doing something similar when after taking a shower, I reached to call for the nurse, Marissa, for a dressing change only to remember that because I no longer have a catheter there was no need.

Later in the afternoon, Marissa brought me a bag filled with all the medications that I need to continue to take as an outpatient along with a printout detailing each of the drugs and when I'm supposed to take them. I also received my discharge information as well. Here are all my meds.

I'm scheduled to see Dr. Castro-Malaspina in the clinic at 9AM on Monday.

I woke up at about 7 this morning after a restless sleep. It may take a few days for my body to adjust to being home again. I've spent the day watching TV and surfing the Internet. I'm tired and I continue to have diarrhea. I can tell that I need to stretch or walk, because my hamstrings are very tight. I called Dr. Roberts this afternoon scheduling an appointment for next Friday. Su is on her way up here for the evening. Maybe we'll watch some VH1 or more of 24.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea you are home!!!!
and sprung ahead of schedule too.

Although I miss being able to see you just down the street, I am so glad you are out of the hospital.

Get lots of rest and see you soon.

sending healing thoughts


5:49 PM  
Comment Blogger Jeff H said...

Congrats on getting sprung!! 23 days is impressive, you must be doing well, keep up the good work!

9:12 PM  
Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Duane - fantastic news that you are back home. Don't go crazy now, take it easy and let yourself recover slowly - you don't want to end up back in the hospital any time soon!!

Enjoy your readjustment and make sure you're spoilt rotten..............xx

2:46 PM  

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