Tuesday, September 04, 2007

day +14

This afternoon was quite busy. I had a good number of visitors today.

It started when my dad came at 10 this morning in order to be present for the transplant team during their rounds. During the time before their arrival, he packed more of my belonging to bring home for what we thought would be tomorrow. However, Dr. Hsu broke the news to us. I will not return home tomorrow. Consequently, she and her team are looking at Thursday or Friday for discharge. The level of the immunosuppressive drug, Tacrolimus, was too high and more time was needed for it to be adjusted, hence, my extended stay. Too much Tacrolimus can put unnecessary stress on the kidneys and too little can increase the risk for the development of GVHD. So, a delicate balance must be reached. I was told that as an outpatient my Tacrolimus and Sirolimus levels will be watched carefully for this exact reason.

I receive Tacrolimus and Sirolimus in their pill forms now as well as most of the other medications, except for acyclovir and some of the mineral supplements, such as folic acid, which I continue to receive via IV. As a result of this gradual change from all my drugs being infused to only a very few, there are less bags of fluid hanging from my IV pole now. The pole looks emaciated when compared to its earlier girth. Only two IV pumps remain. There used to be three.

After a couple of days of normal bowels, they turned loose today. Dr. Hsu said loose bowels from time to time are natural for transplant patients. It could also be due to one of the prophylactic medications that I'm receiving to compensate for the lost of my spleen.

Though I've striven to take good care of my mouth by brushing daily and using the Sodium Bi-Carbonate mouthwash after each meal, I can feel the buildup of plaque on the inner row of my lower teeth. Throughout my hospitalization, I've been using an extra soft toothbrush, which may not have been as effective against plaque buildup especially in tough-to-reach areas like in front of the tongue. I'd like to see one of Sloan's dentist for a cleaning after I'm discharged.

I spent some of the afternoon playing more of Age of Empires 2 and then, I played some old school MAME games on my laptop, such as Marvel vs. Street Fighter, After Burner II, Cruis'n World, and Out Run.

Su and Eileen spent a while as I ate lunch. Soon after they left Dr. Roberts, who had called earlier telling me of his return to town, came by for about 45 minutes. We had a very fulfilling session. Then not too long afterwards, the yoga instructor whose name I don't remember came by and we spent a beneficial 20 minutes stretching my arms, neck, hamstrings, and hips.

This afternoon I was surprised to receive a boutique of beautiful flowers from my cousins, Salim and Rashan.

BTW, today makes three weeks since my admittance. Though I'm very ready to return home, I must remind myself that I'm ahead of schedule. Before my admittance, I was told to expect to be in the hospital for 4-6 weeks, so I'm doing very well. Even if I stay until Thursday or even Friday, I'll still be ahead of the minimal four weeks that I was expected to stay.

My WBC reached 9.8 today with the NAC at 4.2 My WBC continues to hover between 11.1 and 11.4. Today it was 11.2 and my platelets soared to 223 from 139 yesterday.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Will have fingers crossed that you get out on Thursday. There's nothing worse than gearing yourself up for discharge to have it moved by another day or so. You have done amazingly.......not long now 'til you're out of that little room and get to see a bit of the big wide world again.


8:30 AM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks Veronica. Give my best to Wullie.

8:37 PM  

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