Sunday, September 02, 2007

day +12

Dr. Hsu reiterated that if things continue as they have been I could be discharged as early as Tuesday or Thursday. She said, they don't want to keep me longer than necessary since I'm doing great. Since we were on the topic of discharge, we talked briefly about the continuation of medications after my hospitalization. My catheter, she stated, would be taken out a day prior to or on the day of discharge.

My WBC hit 7.4 and HBG stayed at 11.3, but the platelets rose to 91.

Again today, I felt restless. I spend time in-and-out of the bed. Last night before going to sleep, I took ativan and oxycodone which helped. I may take ativan again if my restless continues into the night.

My hair is starting to fall out. I noticed it first last night.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am back online on a desktop now that we are back in The Big Apple.Haven't been able to read your blog since last Monday so have just caught up.
I am so looking forward to seeing you Duane.
See you this afternoon hopefully if you are up to it.
I am so proud of you for getting through this ordeal with such style and grace and knowledge and perserverance.
Can't believe you will have been in MSK 3 weeks tomorrow.


8:27 AM  

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