Saturday, September 01, 2007

day +11

Everything continues to be as good as one could hope for at this point. Dr. Hsu is pleased. The IV antibiotic, Zosyn, has been discontinued and the anti-fungal medication, Voriconazole, has been changed to its oral form. The IV Tacrolimus ended today as well and will be changed to the oral pill. These are all signs of progress.

Dr. Chow, one of the team's residents whom I like a lot, completes his service today. Someone will replace him. Occasionally we'd talk about Chicago, where he attended Northwestern for medical school.

All of my counts increased: WBC 5.0, HGB 11.3, platelets 58.

I did, however, feel tired and irritable throughout the day. The restlessness of my legs is due to the neupogen I think. Like yesterday, I have been in and out of the bed today.

Finally, Jared stopped by. He's here on vacation for a few days with his folks. He offered to visit in the late morning, but I was tired and not really up for much company then, so he came this afternoon. It's always wonderful seeing him. At yesterday's visit, Denise left two gifts for me. One is a cocky New York Yankees short sleeve t-shirt that's meant to remind (as if they needed any help) Red Sox fans of the disparity in world championships between the two teams. It's not the kind of shirt that I myself would have purchased because of its combativeness, but considering the important Yankees-Red Sox series this week, I went along and wore it that day. Thanks Denise. She also surprised me with a copy of her online registration for the NMDP kit. So, she applied and she'll receive her donor kit in 2-3 weeks.


Comment Blogger Veronica said...

Tired and irritable - I reckon it's nothing to do with your SCT, but more to do with the position of the moon or something as I've been tired and irritable all day too ;0)

You're doing amazingly, Duane.....xx

3:41 AM  

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