Saturday, August 04, 2007

yippie-kay-yay. . . .

I just returned from an evening out with Raul. We watched Live Free or Die Hard, the action flick in the series starring Bruce Willis as the indomitable Detective John McClane. It was very entertaining . . . full of laughs and great action scenes (some believable and others not so). Justin Long, the MacWorld guy from the Apple commercials, stars as McClane's partner. Overall, we found it to be a good action-filled popcorn flick.

Following the film, we walked from the AMC Empire 25 just west of Times Square to 9th Avenue, where we enjoyed dinner at a Thai restaurant.

Yesterday I also saw a film but before leaving home to meet Clare at the movie theater, Kathleen called telling me that the donor had completed the physical exam and that the start of the growth injections were pending on the exam's report. Assuming all goes well, she said it's hoped that he will begin to take the injections this weekend. Consequently, I'd most likely be admitted to Sloan not this week but the following one.

Clare and I met up at the Angelika on West Houston and watched You Kill Me, a witty, dark comedy about a hitman working for the Polish mob in Buffalo whose alcoholism has interfered with his ability to do his job, thus, forcing into rehab where he falls in love and struggles to set things right. Ben Kingsley, who plays the hitman, does a terrific job I think. It's well worth checking out. Bill Pullman's character is quite funny as well. Click the poster to view the trailer.

After the film, we had a late lunch during which I check my voicemail and listened to a message left by Cornell in which he invited me to see the Yankee game that evening. His wife had an extra ticket through her job. I had planned to check out the new Hudson River School exhibit at the New York Historical Society following dinner with Clare, but I could do that at another time. I called him back and told him I'd be there.

These seats were fantastic. Cornell and I sat behind home plate in one of the luxury club suites, where food, snacks, and beverages were free. There was a catered bar too. Part of the suite is outside where there's also a flat screen tv for those to prefer to listen to the play-by-play or see a play that they missed. The bar and food is in the enclosed area of the club suite, where there are two private bathrooms as well. It was a pretty good game. A-Rod failed to hit his 500th home run in front of us. He waited until today's game to do so, but the Yankees defeated the Royals 7-1.


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