Friday, August 24, 2007

poignant words

I had to share the eloquent, lovely, and poignant words of a greeting card sent to me by Eileen. I received it only yesterday. Its words ring so true in so many ways. I just had to share it.

This hasn't been an easy time for you,

and as one who cares about you,
there have been so many moments
when I've wished I could have somehow
spared you some of the pain
or at least cushioned the blows.
But it seems that we each
have our own roads to travel in life.
For a while, we're on a smooth,
well-worn path,
then suddenly the road swerves.

But do you know what?
I've watched you with admiration
as you've faced difficulty
with strength and courage.
And even in those times
when you may have wanted to give up,
you somehow found it in yourself
to carry on. . .
and I just know you'll continue to do so.
You're a remarkable person.

And even though
this is your road to travel,
be sure to look along the side
from time to time.
The person you'll see there,
the one cheering you on,
will be me.

- Linda Lee Elrod


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