Thursday, August 30, 2007

day +9

Feeling tired immediately after last night's Yankees-Red Sox game, I went to bed which was earlier than my usual 12:30-1:00 AM bedtime. I didn't get the most restful sleep, however, because throughout the night one of the IV pumps was sabotaged by air bubbles causing the machine to beep off-and-on throughout the night. I'd call my night nurse, Nancy, and she'd fix it but then not too long later the IV pump would beep again. This happened several times throughout the night.

I expected Dr. Koehne and his team to come in around 11 AM, which is when they make their usual visit but they didn't show up until about noon. I prefer to take a shower after their visit, so my shower was delayed a bit. But it was worth it, however, because every four days the lines that connect the fluids, antibiotics, and Tacrolimus to my Hickman catheter are changed which means that I receive about an hour reprieve from the IV pole. Warm showers never seem to have felt so good as when I'm free of the IV pole.

All continues to be good. Eventless really. Dr. Koehne, whose tour on the service ends today, continues to be pleased. Though I won't see him again during my inpatient stay, he expressed his hope to hear continued good news. My WBC rose to 2..4 and my platelets shot up significantly to 56. My HGB was 11.4. I did manage to ask him if the absence so far of GVHD was a concern. He told me that it was too early for GVHD and that I shouldn't see any of evidence while in the hospital. My donor's T-cells, he explained, weren't mature yet to cause GVHD. It's too early in the engraftment process.

He also expressed his satisfaction in the fact that I continue to eat. With the TPN no longer there, it's up to me to get the daily calories that I need. Thankfully, I have an appetite and have been able to eat.

I, of course, spent the early afternoon watching the Yankees-Red Sox game. I missed the last two innings, because Marisa, a yoga instructor from Integrative Medicine, came by and we had a brief session of stretching for my calves, quads, and hamstrings. I don't regret missing the last two innings, first because I needed the stretching and secondly, because the Yankees won and I was able to see the ending on the post-game show. Moreover, Marisa was my yoga instructor at the Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center when I took Saturday morning yoga classes there last summer. I saw her last one year ago, so it was nice to reconnect.

Dr. Levine's assistant stopped by and stayed for awhile. We had a decent session.

Denise came by for awhile today and Su is on her way.


Comment Blogger Darrel Hale said...

Thanks for the congrats and glad to hear you are still doing well! I hear you on the IV free showers, it was a day I looked forward to every week during transplant! Keep it up!

2:50 AM  

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